What a Day

Things to do today:

  • [ ] Go on our walk with the whole family
  • [X] This blog
  • [ ] My Instant
  • [ ] Entry for what is fast becoming my foodie blog with occasional bits of personal life in it
  • [ ] Downloading and uploading pix for said foodie blog
  • [ ] Book run for both the kids' school books
  • [ ] Shrink visit
  • [ ] School supplies run with the kids for socks, jocks, lunchbox, shoes, and a small tin of vibrantly-obvious paint [long story]
  • [ ] Tidy up a patch of house
  • [ ] At least do one load of laundry [it looks like a wonderful day for line-drying]
  • [ ] 500 words in my novel-in-progress
  • [ ] Finally start sending Kung Fu Zombies off to agents again [big nervousness, there]
  • [ ] Paint Chaos' name on her school hat [that's what the paint's for]
  • [ ] Arrange some form of dinner-food
  • [ ] Treat Chaos' hair for a newly-discovered invasion of dreaded insects

Complications involve: a Beloved with diarrhoea [they need more cauliflower, broccoli, and avocado, and they've been skipping their salty broth] who does not want to move very far out of bed, what looks to be a real scorcher brewing, and the fact that long trips still drain my spoons.

Needless to say, I will fail at doing at least one of these things and subsequently feel guilty about it.

Now for the story of the paint. I have tried and failed to label my little darlings' hats so that they don't vanish within 24 hours. Nikko pen failed. Iron-on labels failed. Sewing their names in was never an option. Fabric paint failed, as it just soaked in and never showed up, despite what they promised.

There was a time when I just purchased ten hats per kid at the beginning of the school year and hoped that they lasted until the mid-year break. And many a time I got my kids' hats back with someone else's name nikko'd in over the top.

So, in desperation, I turned to house paint. Specifically, hurt-your-eyes, brightly-coloured house paint. It goes on and stays on and absolutely NOBODY can claim that they didn't firkin see it. And even better, you can't wash it out with steel wool. It's there to firkin STAY, bitch. You can't just nikko over that noise.

It's going to be a long day. I'm going to be exhausted. And I am going to DESPISE the sprints, tomorrow.