Saturday, Parkrun and Pooped

I think I got some good exercise in despite the depredations of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season plus my knees trying to sabotage me. It was a good walk through the Chermside Parkrun, and probably just as well.

Temperatures today SUCK.

Which is why I plan on doing little more strenuous than getting my output done and then slobbing off for the remainder of the day. I might get some set dressing done, but I doubt it.

I got another chapter in the bag, but I still need to individuate it for easy reading. [MeMum, one of my beta readers, is about 50 chapters behind where I am]

The cats insist they don't have food in spite of the fact that yes they do. I currently have Pip getting in the way of my keyboard.

I didn't clean the Catio or feed my Starters yesterday. I should do at least one of those and you can bet which one it is because hot weather.

If I get that far.

Let's at least get on with story.