Challenge #03701-J048: As You Wish

An elderly individual comes up to Gikka, while Wraithvine is giving lessons to his apprentice wizard, and the elder holds out a necklace shaped like a dragon in flight that glows with immense power. What is this charm? It holds the power to grant one wish. Any wish the wearer wants to make. But it only works once, then all the magic in it will be gone. -- Anon Guest

A wish is a terrible burden. Anyone who has one knows this. Anyone who lacks one desires it. That's just one problem with wishes. The other problem is that they never grant the intent. Just the actual words.

Many people don't know this.

Gikka was now slightly glad that she listened to Wraithvine's stories. Most of them were about wishes gone wrong and the epic efforts taken to undo the mess. Therefore, Gikka's first question to the old crone was, "Why me?"

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