Challenge #03702-J049: Ka Mate! Ka Ora!

Is it wrong of me to want a bunch of Havenworlders to perform haka? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Absolutely not! Just a reminder that this is not my culture and I am unfamiliar with the most of it]

Of all the wonders that welcoming Humans to the Alliance introduced, nobody expected cultural sharing. The Alliance soon learned that Humans were naturally inclined to share everything they loved and, in more than one occasion, some things they hated.

Everyone knew that exposure to these peculiar Deathworlders could improve their genetic stock. They never expected them to teach Havenworlders confidence.

Aoteoroa was generous with their cultural heritage. A warrior culture that survived mostly intact past the efforts of invasive colonisers, they were rightfully proud of this achievement. And they shared their warlike greeting. With some adjustments, of course.

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