Understandably Late Start

I got a parcel in the afternoon, when I was up to my eyeballs in a fictional international misunderstanding.

By the time I had my fecal matter gathered for the afternoon, I was too wasted to go anywhere or do anything because stress can fuck your life up in unexpected ways. Huzzah.

I initially had PLNs to go when Beloved came home, or get them to drive me, but those disintegrated because of a real misunderstanding involving steak, cooking times, and a long-arse queue at Coles.

Life can get frustrating at times.

This resulted in me taking off as soon as Miss Chaos boarded her bus to go get the thing and -huzzah!- Mayhem now has his Gold Coin Grass Extract. Which I will enforce the usage of until he gets better. Or until we have other verdicts on his condition.

And by the time I was finished with that, as well as fetching mints to keep me awake in the afternoon, it was Cleaning Time(tm).

So yeah. It's going to be Some Fun getting everything done before Bratfetching O'Clock.

If you're good at passing along luck, I need a bucket of it, stat.