Challenge #02032-E208: Least Threatening Silhouette

[Title: Words you learn to dread hearing. #1.] "I was only..." -- Knitnan

[AN: Once again I have to remind my dear readers that I don't usually pay attention to the titles of your prompt posts. Doing this sort of thing throws off my rhythm and I've already had a crowded day today]

Humans. They do all kinds of hazardous things without thinking about it. Playing gravity games and forgetting that other beings find these unnerving. Singing songs about death and murder[1] before realising what they are singing at the time. And now... there was this.

The human had taped a relatively blunt[2] knife to one of the cleaning droids. And affixed two 'angry eyes' to the top of its chassis. And then they set it loose.

"I was only playing a prank," was the slightly offended defence. "It's funny."

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