Almost There!

Nod to the Disney song of the same title. I have almost caught up with everything. I have almost sent off a query and sample to a publisher, bu-u-ut...

My email server decided to up and DIE. For all of yesterday. And today isn't looking so swell either.

If y'all really need to contact me about something, then get to me via nutter (no spaces) buttler (at) gmail (dot) com. That's my alternate email and -so far- no spammers have found it. I intend to keep it that way.

The good news is that I finally got a message through to MeMum about her phone being off the hook all yesterday, so I don't need to panic about yet another thing that could plausibly turn my life into a huge mess.


Mayhem is not required at his traineeship today or next week, so he has a long weekend for two weeks in a row. Which means I don't have to go on a Leyland's tour at Lo Batt Hour.

That's an odd phenomenon that's happening exclusively to me. Since I got on to higher-protein Keto, I've had this weird spate of lethargy between 3PM and 5PM.

  • It could be me getting old.
  • It could be me missing out on something obvious.
  • It could be me missing our on something non-obvious.
  • It could just be me being weird and off-standard.

OR it could be the fact that I routinely wake up at fuckoff in the morning.

We'll sort it out eventually. Maybe.