Challenge #03497-I209: Sleepless in Ship's Night

"Can you help me? I can't sleep again. I keep waking up and pacing the floor." -- Anon Guest

Rescue Humans come with their own rewards. They also come with their own detriments. Such as chronic anxiety and sleep issues. The flip side is the hyper-vigilance that has saved far too many to be counted by now. So periodic interruptions to the rest cycle are a small price to pay.

With that in mind, Companion Thark kept any and all reprimands to themself and achieved enough consciousness to function. "Do you need a cuddlemate, a listener, or a dose of theobromine?" Those were the usual go-to's. Theobromine dosage at Ship's Night required an escort to keep the monsters in the dark away.

Human imagination was both a wonderous and terrifying thing. Human Dez had a fantastic imagination. Alas, the Deregger fear-based news cycles had trained him to imagine every worst possible thing.

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