Thursday, Plague Day 10

I'm DONE with my antibiotics! Huzzah!

I'm still horking up chunks, but they're not green, so I'm not worried.

I'm also working on clearing out my lungs from even more blockages, but that's a slow progress kind of thing. Baby steps. Teeny weenie tiny baby steps.

...infitessimal, annoying, baby steps...

Turns out I was worrying for weeks over an absent utterance by MeMum that she both dismissed and firkin forgot about. ARGH. I got myself worked up over essentially nothing. Growl.

Next on my agenda, encouraging her to use "ASD" instead of "Aspergers" because Asperger was a freaking Nazi and we all hate him. Along with son-of-mine because he feels that "Aspergers" has less baggage attached to it. The struggle is real.

I'm still wibbly wobbly because oxygen supply. And my O2 readings stay well above 90% no matter how "clogged" I feel so whatever. Sigh and move on and try to have something nearby in case my inner ear tries to pull a firkin stunt.

Onwards with today's creative efforts. Huzzah.