Baby Steps

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Baby Steps

I'm posting yet another episode of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale so I can concentrate on doing some of my other output today.

My goals today are:

  1. What I accomplished yesterday [tagged a week]
  2. Something else on my list of TTD

My list of Things To Do:

  • Summarise Beauties and the Beastly
  • Prep dungeon stuff
  • Write more book
  • Make the cover for the firkin Anthology
  • And publish the dang thing


I almost forgot about the anthology fml.

I will still be following my whims today, all the same.

Thursday, Plague Day 10

I'm DONE with my antibiotics! Huzzah!

I'm still horking up chunks, but they're not green, so I'm not worried.

I'm also working on clearing out my lungs from even more blockages, but that's a slow progress kind of thing. Baby steps. Teeny weenie tiny baby steps.

...infitessimal, annoying, baby steps...

Turns out I was worrying for weeks over an absent utterance by MeMum that she both dismissed and firkin forgot about. ARGH. I got myself worked up over essentially nothing. Growl.


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Thursday, Today I'm Learnding

Today's the day I don't have much else going on, so I shall be dragging myself through A Basic Accomplishment in A Free Software, with the long-term goal of Doing A Thing.

I have animation projects in the back of my head and the potential to actually make them be real in my future. It's all up to what I'm capable of doing and how frustrated I get with it in the process. I'm a stubborn bean so it might actually be

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