Challenge #03960-J308: Theory V Practice

break pasta

throw pasta in kettle


open ketchup bottle

sprinkle diced pineapple

“Human, I have recreated the dish known as spaghetti”

“I probably don’t have Italian ancestors, but something is screaming” -- Anon Guest

To damn Companion Mu with faint praise, Human Rain could only say that ze had the concept correct. Cook pasta in boiling water. Add tomato sauce. And, because Rain was vegetarian, add vegetables to the mix. Theoretically, it was a pasta dish that was perfect for human consumption. Theoretically, it was perfectly edible.

Palatable was another matter entirely.

"Uhm..." Rain tried to figure out how ze could put this politely. "I know you nailed the theory, but. Um. The flavour profile isn't... quite... there."

"Wrong ingredients?" guessed Mu.

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