Challenge #04063-K045: Something in the Ingredients List

Companion. "Why do you have nothing but bland bags of nutrifood in here? You know there's a lot more you're allowed to have."

Human. "I know, but anything else just keeps coming back up on me. This, at least, stays down."

Companion. "Medics seen you about this?"

Human. "Um..." -- Anon Guest

Humans, as Deathworlders, are very bad at recognising that they could be in slow dangers. They have a knack for harming themselves in ways they can ignore for decades. Some maintain habits for intermediate and palliative good that are also indicators inherent slow danger.

Primary amongst these indicators is disordered eating.

Companions must be aware of such signs as food hoards in their personal habitat, restriction or rationing of foodstuffs, and skipping regular meals. There are many more, but most are encapsulated within offensensitivity warnings.

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