Wednesday, Wordpress and Bread

I have a disrupted sleep schedule of late. I've already been awake since half-past midnight. I surrendered to consciousness at roughly two in the morning and got my stretchies and treatments done by half-past four.

I am doing all this with a cyclone headache. Just so you know.

I also have Wilson, my wholemeal starter, incubating for four hours and some set up for the upcoming bread.

Even if Mayhem needs a lift to the station, I should be cool to be back in time for the autolyse nonsense.

Good news: I now have fully functioning tyres. And my wheels are now balanced so I have a smoother drive.

According to the tyre people, my wheels were at the most severe degree they'd ever seen. So now I'm a horror story in their break room, I guess? Yay?

Honestly, it was a minor miracle the car was still drivable.

Today's Wordpress is coming soon. Followed by the rest of my offerings in their appointed places.

See you there.