Thursday, Bread at Last!

I awoke to the smell of smoke. Turns out Mayhem had forgotten chicken bites in the oven until they became charcoal briquettes. Whoops. I can't critique too much because I forgot to set off the timer to warm up my bread properly.

I also just now realised that I forgot to set it in the tins for the final proof BRB.

Okay. Now that the dough's been properly bothered, I've reset the timer. It's not going to do any harm to heat the Dutch Oven for a bit longer.

The alterations this time:

  • Used a dough hook to mix the chia-water goop [Always loosen that stuff up with some kind of stirrer before adding to the flour!] into the flour
  • splitting my dough in half to proof in the bread tins as before just to see what happens. I may get a more even loaf out of it

The results so far:

  • The dough hook is SUPER effective at dealing with the goo. When it got to worrying stasis, I increased the speed to disturb the established balance until it got immobile and glorpy
  • There was still a little flour in the bottom that required hand mixing, BUT...
  • Most importantly, the resulting goo was not as immovable as the Immovable Gluck from my prior experiences

This is my third day of having a Cyclone Headache and I'm just about done with it. The painkillers aren't working properly and all I can do is hope that they kick in or the big storm hits and turns the ouchy head off.

Onwards to the offerings and side projects.