Challenge #04064-K046: Health and Safety Inspection

This blacksmith's shop is renowned not only for its skilled craftsmen, but also for how well their forges are fired. It doesn't hurt that two of the master smiths are humans in dragon form, and the third who owns the shop is a dragon who doesn't like shifting, but has no problem sharing their flame. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I think OP meant "Dragons in Human form" so I shall be running with that idea]

They call the place Featherforge, because these red mountains are where they smelt feathermetal. The smiths who work with it blend it with other metals with the help of Dragon fire.

There's also a kiln built in a specific way that some call a Dragon's Belly, but this place uses real dragons. For the foundry and the forge.

The best forge was enormous, primarily because of the Dragon who also lived there. Each forge had a space large enough for a Dragon head, and special stones to retain heat. No coal is necessary, just baskets and baskets of sea shells, or crates of limestone schist. Shipped in from wherever can get it cheaply.

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