Friday, Let Me Check My Notes

Day firkin FOUR of my GD cyclone headache and at least the painkillers are helping. My bread turned out a little bit doughy and I think I know where I went wrong.

I forgot one of my folding processes just before the long proof.

Then again, I was very much disorganised this week. Distracted, diverted, and delayed in almost all my PLNs.

This effort of bread has way more visible chia in it because the chia I bought has a lot of black chia in it. Mayhem does not believe this.

Halfway thinking about making him watch me weigh it all out so he can see for himself.

Today, my PLNs include watching some Stencyl tutorials and doing some jiggery-pokery with what passes for my code.

This side-project is taking five-ever, but I will firkin get there. Step. By. Agonising. Step.

But I also have to go fetch Mayhem because job training is cancelled today. I'm blaming the rain.

Onwards to more chaos.