Challenge #04065-K047: A Funny Thing Happened Along the Way...

"At that point, Chain's regular therapist arrived. Out of breath and disheveled. "Sorry! Sorry. There was a thing with a herd of Cleaners and some knomira Dereggers and a kid with a lollipop... and... an accordion..." ze trailed off. "Oh. We're going to need tea and smooth carob and the big soft room."

Well. At least there was a foreseeable moment in which they would all laugh about it later."

Ok, NOW both Chains, the security officer, and therapy assist Threemoon Gudboi just HAD to hear this. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Once again, I am on record as saying that Noodle Incidents are far more powerful when left up to the audience's imagination]

Aromatic tea with a calming scent and an appealing flavour. Smooth carob made for the enjoyment of all present. Set on the one solid object in a room full of pillows. Big pillows, little pillows, some that could double as a bed for a single cogniscent.

The most important thing was the time to become accustomed to the company.

"I suppose you want to hear the story," said Therapist Redd, holding her cup in both hands. "I should begin with the lollipop..."

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