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Challenge #02315-F125: Lightning Bottles

"Because it's people like us who do the strange stuff who think up all the technology you take for granted." -- C. M. Weller/InterNutter -- c/- Anon Guest

Anything invented before one turns ten is normal and everywhere and expected. That's what they say. Anything invented between the ages of twelve and forty is new and cool and interesting. After that, there is an increasing risk of it becoming strange and frightening and alien. Such is the theory put forward by Douglas Adams. A man who wrote quite a lot of strange fiction.

It's always the weird ones that come up with stuff like this. It took a strange kind of genius to be Nikola Tesla. It took an odd collective of odder people to come up with the different types of personal computer. For the allegedly normal, for the everyday sort, the way things always were is the way things always shall be. Normal people make incremental progress. They add clocks to extant technology, for instance.

It takes a peculiar kind of genius to invent the Gravity Drive. Equal parts advanced physics, peak engineering, and cargo cult... there is no such thing as mass manufactory of such a device. Miniaturisation, yes. Even remote activation of specific... call them 'receiver units'. Yet there is no such thing as a Gravity Drive that was made start to finish by automation. There certainly wasn't such in the conglomeration of experiments involving ten grams of the rarest of rare Earths, a peculiar amalgam called, in another man's notes, Unlikelium.

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Challenge #02152-E323: Meet the Neighbours

"You know, Master, there is this ice-filled uninhabited continent in the South. ...Are we sure it was always ice-filled and uninhabited?" -- Anon Guest

"Currently, Bickreese, the population is entirely penguins and sea lions. In summer, there is moss and algae. Hardly anything to write home about, really."

"I know you said that," Bickreese was naturally nervous, but here, where nights lasted six months, he was more nervous than normal. "That's why you decided to build your secret lab here, under the

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Flashy things! This is a nifty little disco lamp [not so little, actually, it’s about the size of a cat] available at the dollar shops...

Flashy things!

This is a nifty little disco lamp [not so little, actually, it’s about the size of a cat] available at the dollar shops for less than $30.

It took me a while to find a screwdriver long enough to take it apart, and then even longer to find the tiny little screws at the handle.

After weeks of procrastination, I was able to get the dimmer switch off. Tweezers got under the switch cover and the pliers got

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