Challenge #02993-H070: Small Disaster Control

Sometimes, previously scheduled social bonding activities go wrong, especially when dealing with humans. In this case, one of the humans in question was found drinking beer in the corner and crying during a time that was blocked out for a social gathering. When questioned, they explained that there had been some tension between two other members of the group, which had just sort of gotten worse when they tried to defuse it, until the whole gaming session had dissolved into raised voices and angry faces... at which point they felt the need to excuse themselves and have a drink to help them calm down, and could they have a hug please? -- Anon Guest

Human Kliss, usually active and carefree, was huddled in a corner with an inebriant bulb. Their face was wet with lachrymal excretions, their breathing was erratic, and they were avoiding eye contact with anyone. It was such a jarring difference to the established norm that Companion Joen had to act.

She approached with caution and put herself in Kliss' range of view. "Bad day at the office?" It was a good conversation starter when a Human was in a mood like this. It never necessitated a bad day at work, or in the office. It merely necessitated a bad mood or bad times.

"Bad day in the gaming room," sighed Kliss, voice wobbling. "Everyone at the table dunked on my new character after Rengin bit the big one. They hated the build, they hated the voice, they hated the art... but they okayed everything last sesh. I don't get it." Kliss wiped their face. "Do they not want me to play with them any more? Do they hate me? What did I do to get this hostility?"

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