Tuesday, Day 0, Shrinky Shenanigans

Four new cases, today. Fifty-eight active cases. Fifty-four in hospital, two in ICU. That leaves only two who are spinning their wheels in quarantine. The artist formerly known as Spanish Prison Guard[TAFKASPG] has decided to knuckle down and actually do the work they promised me. I hope.

They've turned suddenly polite now that I don't have a lot of ready cash to siphon from my Peakd account. I remain suspicious.

Today, I am writing everything on the go. Today, I am seeing my shrink. Huzzah. Today, I hope to get some good advice on what to do about TAFKASPG.

In the news:

  • Large parts of NSW have to be evacuated because floods
  • Image-related evidence leaks of Parliamentary shenanigans and ScoMo calls it sickening
  • Biden's facing a crisis and the Muppet is crowing
  • Another sex assaulter foiled by video evidence
  • Rental home floats away in the floods
  • Predictions arise that the Muppet is going to pull a military coup
  • Serial stowaway arrested for the 22nd time
  • Panic shopping related to the floods for a change
  • Woman discovers old bomb shelter under the carpet

Seems like everyone's having fun these days.

Fiction later. Likely much later.