Wednesday, Wordpress and Small Progress

I decided to work on the Fic Tags today. Something that's gone neglected for the majority of last year. I want to get this app of mine out into the wilderness, and that means making sure every fic is searchable.

My exercise this morning was making certain the earliest fics were tagged. Next time, I proceed from the last place I left off. When I finally get to entire weeks of untagged fics, I will work on a week at a time. Until, of course, every fic is tagged and I can publicise that noise.

I will get there.


Today, my goals are to get my Wordpress published, as well as the everyday offerings I bring to the temple of notes.

The self-accountability thing is working. I'm actually planning my tasks ahead of undergoing my day. No more Dunwannas in that corner of my head at least.

Now if only I could convince the chapters of A Devil's Tale to stop kicking and screaming all the way to completion...

I'll smash that gremlin when I figure out how to catch it.