Challenge #04021-K003: Unfair Comparison

When did it start? When did I start hating my brother? As long I can remember, he wasn’t at home. “Your brother is really amazing. When you were born he helped me a lot.”

“The young master? Since he was a baby he was reading everything. He really was a special boy.”

“Your big bro? He could already BAM when he was young. He’s my pride as a son. When he comes back I’m sure he’s gonna love you too.”

Everyone was praising him, that big brother I didn’t know. What kind of person was he?



The first time I met him, he was beating father up. -- Anon Guest

It's hard to live in someone's shadow, even when the person casting it is not present. My older brother was perfect. An angel. A paragon. The most virtuous of men.

I could never match him.

Or at least, I could never match his reputation. I could not be as clever. I could not be as noble. I could not be as strong. I could not be... enough. Any achievement I had was already overshadowed by the True Prince of Slosalia. My brother Kanmujian.

"Artabas, why can't you be more like your brother? He was defeating brigands and rogues at your age."

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