Wednesday, Wordpress, Bread, and Sundry

Woke up close to 3AM, did my stretchies, and prepped for bread.

My starter (Ingrid) looked already fully grown so I gave them a quarter cup of plain flour and a bit of water to pep them up while they're in the incubator.

This time, I weighed the chia [171g makes a cup. I might make it an even 170 next time because the math is simpler] and subtracted that from the 1kg total flour weight. I weighed out 780g of water and started the chia soaking.

The time's already counting on an hour and a half. Both warming up Ingrid and letting the Chia turn a little softer. I might also go to a half a cup of chia henceforth. It looks awfully disturbing in the water.

Chapter count: Just finished chapter 364 of A Devil's Tale. If my output rate remains the same, then I have TWO DAYS until I start putting those starting sentences out into the universe via my socials.

Two Days Remain!

I'm getting anxious now.

Will this begin engagement, or drive audiences away? Who knows? Will I finish the firkin story before the year is out? Only time will tell.


I also started my day with THREE firkin enormous critiques of my entry for the Tale Foundry this week. Which now adds to my workload of the diem. Which includes coming up with stuff for Wordpress, my normal offerings, a side-project, and now three replies and three reviews. Yay.

It's going to be a busy day.