Editing Sucks

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Did I mention that editing FUCKING SUCKS yet?

Whilst waiting for my dear Beta Readers to get back to me about Hevun’s Ambassador [C'mon! Hurry it along! It’s half-past January already!] I am putting together One Year of Instants.

Which requires a table of contents.

And in the making of said table of contents, I have discovered that pretty much ALL OF THE STORIES ARE FUCKING MIS-NUMBERED since story #16

There are no words for the level of meltdown that is threatening my sanity, right now.

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I'm doing the last edit...

…of Hevun’s Rebel, today.
(Help me)

Thanks to all the Beta Readers who got back to me :)
(I’m so scared)

By tonight, everything should be lined up for publication.

And this is just part one of the biggest gamble of my life.
(asdfghjkl I can’t even)

The worst part to date is that hardly anyone has signal-boosted my attempts at advertising :(
(WTF is going wrong?)

At this moment, giddy excitement and self-depreciating depression

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ATTN: Beta readers

I have just sent out Book 1, version 1.2 for reading and reviewing.

If you have volunteered as a beta reader, but not received an email from me, you need to get back to me with an email address that works.

I am cleaning out all the non-responsive emails from my Beta-readers list.

I want this book out in the world ASAP. Preferably in time for All Hallows’ Read. AKA this October.

The clock is ticking.

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