Editing Sucks

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Wednesday, Let's try this again

Rain, cloud cover, and thunder and lightning... all of these band together to screw with out internet.

We're expecting rain and I can only hope that I get a twofer out today.

I also have to edit my anthology because my issue with counting struck again. Missed a digit between 151 and 153 and now the count is off.


I have some more gravel for the boggy patch in the yard and I'm praying we don't get hail again. The blankets and sheets are a bitch to put over the car every time there's a threat of hail.

Weather bureau says only light showers today. Fingers crossed.

I'm editing some hundred titles and then I'm getting on with getting on.

Saturday, Day 1, Editing HOOOOO!

Plague news: No new cases! There's eighteen total active cases in Queensland and fifteen of them are in hospital.

They can yell about our border control, but we stepped on Delta and they didn't. So ner.

I have PLNs today to polish the entirety of Chapter One of Adapting. In fits and starts, belike, but I will get all the edits seen to. I also plot to eat a lot of carbs as a reward.

In the news:

  • Israel hit with a
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Did I mention that editing FUCKING SUCKS yet?

Whilst waiting for my dear Beta Readers to get back to me about Hevun’s Ambassador [C'mon! Hurry it along! It’s half-past January already!] I am putting together One Year of Instants.

Which requires a table of contents.

And in the making of said table of contents, I have discovered that pretty much ALL OF THE STORIES ARE FUCKING MIS-NUMBERED since story #16

There are no words for the level of meltdown that is threatening my sanity, right now.

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I'm doing the last edit...

…of Hevun’s Rebel, today.
(Help me)

Thanks to all the Beta Readers who got back to me :)
(I’m so scared)

By tonight, everything should be lined up for publication.

And this is just part one of the biggest gamble of my life.
(asdfghjkl I can’t even)

The worst part to date is that hardly anyone has signal-boosted my attempts at advertising :(
(WTF is going wrong?)

At this moment, giddy excitement and self-depreciating depression

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ATTN: Beta readers

I have just sent out Book 1, version 1.2 for reading and reviewing.

If you have volunteered as a beta reader, but not received an email from me, you need to get back to me with an email address that works.

I am cleaning out all the non-responsive emails from my Beta-readers list.

I want this book out in the world ASAP. Preferably in time for All Hallows’ Read. AKA this October.

The clock is ticking.

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