Anguished Zombie Noises

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::Zombie Noises::

I am guilty of waking my best Beloved after a very long and exhausting day that started at 1AM.

I already had a long and exhausting day, one of the few bright points being that the four hour round trip only took three hours. Yay. BUT I also had a problem.

I was waiting for Chaos' bus to come in from AQ, the school she goes to three days out of the week. The cat, freshly home, had wriggled out of her Cone of Shame and caused Mayhem to panic.

I had to face a half-hour round trip, plus time loading and unloading, right on the firkin cusp of my other precious child arriving back from school. And I know AQ. They call if you're like 30 seconds late turning up. Odds even, I would have been panic-babbling at the peeps behind the admin counter at the vet's when the phone went off, asking where the hell I was.

But I had Beloved at home. Having a sleep. I was faced with being a bad parent, a bad pet owner, or a bad spouse. I took the last option of those three because Beloved would forgive me. I hoped.

Of course I got the WTF call from an angry, sleep-deprived Beloved. I understand that. I understand why they were still cross with me right up until bedtime. Hell, I'll even understand why they'll be cross with me today.

But I have a new ace up my sleeve. You see, the new servers have a little code 'bot that calls home when there's problems. And the new servers were having LOTS of problems.

At twenty minute [Estimate only, based entirely on what it felt like to sleep-deprived me] intervals.




Beloved can sleep through the phone. I can't. So I got the repeated "pleasure" of being woken up just after I'd gotten some sleep. Congrats, Beloved, your creation has extracted revenge on your behalf. Repeatedly.

I am now a firkin wreck.

BUT I still have to do the parental things because they never bloody stop. And nurse a cat through the abject misery of post-surgery healing. And do the things I do every day before I can even look at having a napnap.

But I will be certain in telling Beloved that they've got their revenge. Oh yes. Possibly repeatedly, because I growl and mumble when I'm rat-faced tired.

I'm just out of bed and I already have zero spoons. Whee.