Impending Meltdown

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Did I mention that editing FUCKING SUCKS yet?

Whilst waiting for my dear Beta Readers to get back to me about Hevun’s Ambassador [C'mon! Hurry it along! It’s half-past January already!] I am putting together One Year of Instants.

Which requires a table of contents.

And in the making of said table of contents, I have discovered that pretty much ALL OF THE STORIES ARE FUCKING MIS-NUMBERED since story #16

There are no words for the level of meltdown that is threatening my sanity, right now.

I shall remain strong until I get to the end of it all. THEN I’ll edit out the extraneous ones, add them to the *next* year of instants, and bloody re-number all of THEM so I have a head start on the next lot.

I’m not fucking editing all the ones in my blog because I’m not THAT much OCD.

Just expect a sudden leap in the numerals at some later date. Followed by burbling insanity from yours truly.

Gah. I hate fucking editing.

I wish I could just hand off all my shit to someone trustworthy and say, “Make it look good for me and then hand it back so I can publish that puppy” but I suspect that that requires extra income.