Wednesday, Wordpress Moving?

I do not like the idea of having my hard work being used by some lazy-arse ideas person who can't be bothered to do their own firkin writing. Ideas people have been the bane of creative types since time immemorial. All generative AI is doing is cutting the conversations out of "I have an idea."

The good news is: it might be dying very soon.

I'm still determined to move my rants out of Wordpress and into somewhere else, but the move is looking mighty complicated. And scary.

I'm also giving thought to creating a Tumblr sideblog dedicated to: gibberish, Beatles lyrics, and aggressively-protected copyrighted material. Depending on whatever I can find or think up at the time the idea strikes. All to poison Chat GPT's well.

I'm a Tumblrina. We excel at destroying corporations.

Cue evil laughter.

Anyway. Once my Wordpress Blog is in new digs, I'll either delete every entry there [easy] or replace every entry with Lorem Ipsum, Beatles lyrics, and just outright gibberish.

Somewhere in the rough middle there'll be something like "If you're looking for the original, artisinal writing that used to be here, then go to [LINK]."

The only AI generation I have ever used was Dall-E back when it was a toy, and the Lorem Ipsum Generator for increasingly obvious reasons.

It might be easier to shift my nonsense over to Medium, which I know is easy to use for a dummins like me.

I might also get some help from people already familiar with IndieWeb or MovableType. Time will tell.

I'll put an appeal out via and hope for the best.