Challenge #04082-K064: Everything You Wanted to Know

Fripp begins to sell Christmas Beetles as "Mostly Havernworlder Safe Pets" with a little help from the N'Ozzies who are MORE than happy at seeing these rather stupid, but beautifully colorful, harmless beetles.

As far as the somewhat noxious plants needed for the insects environments? Genetic engineering ensured the plants no longer produced strong fumes yet the beetles could, and did, eat them, and that the plants couldn't spread, they had to be lab-grown. -- Anon Guest

They came with environmental requirements. They came with travel terrariums. They came with complete information regarding their life cycle and keeping them healthy throughout. Most importantly, they came with specially gengineered food plants.

All the nutrition they needed, but none of the noxious compounds that could give any Havenworlder problems.

They were marketed as Jewel Beetles, a Deathworlder pet that was mostly Havenworlder safe[1]. Both Frip and Arn were available to answer any queries not already on the FAQ. Some would soon join the FAQ.

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