Tuesday, Patreon and Power Problems

Yesterday contained at least three blackouts and a LOT of internet losses.

There's more rain this morning so I am more than a little on edge about loss of anything I'm working on without notice.

I also need to go shopping for Sammich Fillins, so that's added to my daily quest list.

At least I have functioning coffee now. Huzzah.

The new pay schedule is set, though there remains some minor jiggery-pokery regarding a few things here and there. We'll get all that sorted. It's a bit of a relief to know where the money is and when it's appearing.

Next on my list of things to unriddle, the payments I have to arrange into the new budget.

I'm going to stick to the fortnightly shopping budget. It just makes sense.

Thanks to blackout, I missed out on a side-project yesterday. Circumstances beyond my control. If I can... I'll try to do two today and not take the bonus token since it's catching up.

Come 9AM, I'm offski to get essential supplies, but still being Rennie Pinchpenny about it all.

Once everything is smoothly settled, I might be convinced to splurge.

For now?

I'm going to post what I can when I can. With all fingers crossed that it gets through.

So far, so good.