Challenge #03314-I026: Barge Versus Coracle

They were one of the worst Knomiras. Any time people said no to them, they immediately demanded to see the higher ups. No one was going to stop them from getting what THEY wanted! It was their way, or the highway! Then there was an accident, they demanded THEY be treated first! They shoved the person that they didn't even see, someone smaller than them out of the life pod and forced their way in. The person, a Havenworlder child, scrambled in, afterward, but badly hurt due to the shove. They looked into the eyes of this innocent, a child whose eyes asked 'why?' the entire trip to the emergency vessel. They held the child's hand, carefully, realizing what they did. They realize, they couldn't be acting like that anymore. -- Anon Guest

Knomira: (n) (1) A person who loudly, repeatedly, and vocally asserts their rights to the cost of everyone else around them. (2) An extremely selfish individual incapable of caring about anyone they don't know. (3) The gender-neutral alternative to "Karen". [Origin: onomatopoeia for their repeated catchcry of, "I know my rights!"] -- Dictionary of Confounding Human Words.

Launch plus three minutes. Tourist Will had barged into the lifepod, demanded the most comfortable seat inside, and they had just now finished drafting a scathing anti-review of the entire cruise company just because of the Vorax raid "they let happen".

A soft meeping, one that had been going since the launch, finally invaded Will's awareness. A small Havenworlder child was making an insistent noise whilst staring at them. "Someone shut that terrible creature up," Will snapped, not at all reading the room. Reading was for other people. "It's bad enough we have to endure this cut-price lifepod, but does there have to be whining?"

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