Challenge #03089-H181: One Confounding Morning in an Off-beat Security Office

The time Havenworlders trained in a dojo run by humans, defeated and imprisoned a human who was a pirate. They delivered the pirate to the other humans, who were, to say the least, rather impressed! -- Anon Guest

A large number of things are inadvisable to the boundary of impossibility. A number of other things are inadvisable - like telling a Human what's impossible. Humans tend to take these things as a challenge, and there is inevitably fallout as a consequence. Current in the list of impossible things, to Security Officer Lun's mind, was, you can't teach Havenworlders to succesfully defend themselves from Deathworlders. He should have known. In an infinite universe, nothing is impossible[1].

Three beaming Havenworlders escorted a float pallet full of bound and gagged Human to the admission's desk. They were Ledopteri and, by all accounts, should have been easily squished by a Human. Nevertheless, this was real as verified by the securicams and not an elaborate hologram. "We are here to collect the reward," said the spokesbug, wings flared and talons proudly displayed.

"Dangerous pirate," said their second, who had steered the float pallet. "Much Time offered."

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