Challenge #03197-H288: Dietary Restrictions

A Human has a very sensitive digestive system due to the damage done from multiple illnesses before they escaped the Deregger world they'd come from. Now working aboard a Havenworlder ship, they found even many of the Havenworlders' foods too harsh for their digestion, and had to explain why the foods they made, while nutritionally balanced, were bland even to the Havenworlders. -- Anon Guest

Human Roi was a Rescue. The crew of the Pohkit Ansee knew this on an intellectual level, but there were always the empirical surprises. The abundance of nature scene screens in their room and the high population of indoor plants in their personal habitat. There was the Hyper-compressed velvet toy seal packed in their livesuit for emotional emergencies.

The repeated shocker was in Roi's diet.

Oatmeal in the morning, with a specific selection of berries depending on the day of the week[1]. Carefully portioned out in a little cup. On Tendays[2], if things were going well, Roi was allowed an egg, sunny side up. Lunch was a very careful salad with light oils and dinner was the same chicken parmigiana with steamed vegetables and a very inconspicuous sauce.

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