Challenge #03568-I279: Mostly Harmless, You Say?

I'm a captain of a ship and this is my people's first time, ever, having a human aboard. We're nervous, but we were shocked to find they already know our language, know much about our culture, and knows how to ease the fears of those of us who frighten more easily. You know? I think this is going to work. -- Anon Guest

Captain Bel was the first to greet the Human. She was very understandably nervous about having a Deathworlder on her vessel. Especially a confirmed lunatic Deathworlder. The aptly named Terra had spawned a great many colonial worlds with a great many ideologies, some of them detrimental to the populace[1].

This Human actually asked what kind of helmet interface she and the crew preferred. Their livesuit was space-rated and little else, though there were a few completely functional add-ons like the aforementioned faceplate display screen. And they were surprisingly soft-spoken.

Human Kwine seemed set on murmuring, and they were adept at non-hostile gestures. "My usual default is the abstract face," said the Human, standing respectfully well out of attack range. "There's a lot of Havenworlders who are frightened by Human faces, and the abstract puts them at ease. Makes me look more like an AI than a Deathworlder." The pixelated face presumably synced with the Human face inside it. "I have several modes, including calm and happy, floral mist and for any threats, angry mode."

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