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Challenge #03204-H295: Surgical Precision Strike

A Human and a Havenworlder are both trapped in a cargo bay of a medical transport ship. The Human is in a support frame due to an illness that had created serious malformations in the spine before they were rescued as one of the last few survivors from a failed Deregger colony. The door is forced open by the pirates and the only one to save them is a Havenworlder with a scalpel. The Human reassures the Havenworlder, "you're not as weak as you think you are." -- Lessons

Scoliosis, rickets, and some weird mutated virus combined to give Human Rav what they referred to as "rubber spine". Which was not great for anything other than lying very carefully down. The rest of what passed for society on Greater Deregulation Lower Northeast did the rest of the damage.

The Alliance had rescued Rav just before the entire planet died. What happened after the rescue had always amazed them. Free medical care with full informed consent. Prior to that, Rav's medical care consisted of being an "experimental animal" in the Deregger labs.

Just when they thought their life was getting back on track, the pirates attacked. They had been walking for the first time in decades. Admittedly, this was with the help of a supporting frame and a medical exoskeleton, but it was walking all the same. Rav didn't even care that they were being lapped by someone's toddler.

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Challenge #03159-H250: Gourd-y Display

And some of the decorations were a bit too realistic for them...

Examples -- Tom

[AN: The title you gave this prompt has been ignored. See how much sense it makes now?]

Pirate Captain Mes is about to ask one of the universe's most hated questions. It's the kind of question that earns the answer punched into his softest parts. Watch carefully. See if you can spot it.

"Agrarians, for the most part. Small farms and not a great deal of useful

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Challenge #02073-E249: Audio Only

It went plonk, it went kablooey, it went shhhh, and it went blink.

But most importantly, it went whushhhak. -- Anon Guest

Sound was all that was left. The darkness was absolute, and Phel's ability to feel was impaired by the chemicals that the enemy had forced into hir system. Ze learned quickly how the Zebnaki pirates sounded when they moved, and also learned to avoid them. They had patterns of movement, too, and it helped.

Phel made it all the way

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