Challenge #03282-BONUS008: Inherited Anxiety

A man from Pax Humanis was on leave after a very long, very bloody, mission. On a station grabbing a drink, they meet a young Havenworlder who has a serious self-esteem issue. They're heard stating over and over that they cannot do things simply because they are a Havenworlder and, as such, they are weak. Frowning and wanting to do terrible things to whomever put such thoughts into a kid's head, they push back that instinct and go to the young Havenworlder and help them see that they are a worthy person, that they are NOT weak, that they have purpose and strength. Everyone does, after all. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The education system in the Alliance is not prone to limiting people so I have to think up some scenario on or past the Edge]

Pax Humanis Enforcer Hica first became aware of the kid between one indulgence and another. He had left a nice hot bath and full body massage and was headed for some serious ice cream[1] when a constant muttering invaded his thought processes.

A tiny Havenworlder in a Kiddies' Livesuit[2] was talking to themself. "I'm a good girl, I take care. I watch my steps ev-er-y-where. I look to the left and I look to the right, and keep all the traf-fic in my sight."

Cute. Kind'a. This was a very anxious little one. It was the next line that made Hica temporarily adopt her though.

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