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Challenge #04035-K017: Conflict Resolution Strategies

Two individuals are arguing fiercely. They are so close they are nearly twins. A powerful wizard forces them to be chained together until these two are able to realize they are more alike than they think. Before blood ends up spilled. -- Lessons

Of all the things to argue about, this had to be one of the more ridiculous ones. One was shouting "Mustard!" while the other responded, "Mayo!" Since they were both Harukh, the argument was about to have an area of effect if someone didn't act.

Wraithvine didn't like doing things like this, but... needs must. Ze rose from hir corner and gently grasped each contender's large, green, muscular hands in one of hirs. "Gentlebeings... Seek ye true understanding."

The magic flowed over both Orcs, briefly manifesting as a glowing chain joining both Harukh wrists, and winding to both hearts and both heads. They loomed over Wraithvine, ancient enemies of Elvenkind now united against historical grudges. Wraithvine quickly put up a barrier between each of them. "Before we go any furthier, I should introduce myself. My name is Wraithvine."

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Challenge #02753-G196: To Win By Technicality

In arguments it’s okay to swear. Usually many times your words must be quick witted and sharp like a rapier, other times, you just need bash your enemies skulls in with the metaphorical folding chair to get you point across. -- Anon Guest

Arguments are peculiar things. Some people believe that the winner is the one who remains calm and logical and debates all relevant points with scientific sources, and the loser is the first one to drop a sample of

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Challenge #02708-G151: Bug of Contention

The two humans in this ship are really close. They will do nearly anything to save the other. On the other claw, they destroyed the training room arguing about whether a certain earth insect is a lighting bug or firefly. -- Anon Guest

The two Ships' Humans were out of breath, bruising, and one of them had a dark reddish-brown ichor leaking from their nose. They were also kept well out of each other's grip by the presence of Companion Jorx directly

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Challenge #01466-D005: One Family Argument on a Summer Evening

"I haven't heard from [blank] in a while,"

"I may have not-so-accidentally told them about your secret popcorn stash,"

"You what!!" -- OohLookShiny

"You told Kel about my popcorn stash."

"Um. In my favour, I was mad at you at the time."

"You told Kel about my popcorn stash."

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tomithejellyfish: people who correct your grammar on the internet are the lowest forms of life like you understand what im saying you just...


people who correct your grammar on the internet are the lowest forms of life like you understand what im saying you just have a petty superiority complex it’s not even like you want me to learn proper grammar you’re just being a little shitlord who wants to feel like you’re better and smarter than someone you’re unnecessary and i pity you

Sorry, Tom, but there are some of us out there who feel every grammatical error like

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