Challenge #04035-K017: Conflict Resolution Strategies

Two individuals are arguing fiercely. They are so close they are nearly twins. A powerful wizard forces them to be chained together until these two are able to realize they are more alike than they think. Before blood ends up spilled. -- Lessons

Of all the things to argue about, this had to be one of the more ridiculous ones. One was shouting "Mustard!" while the other responded, "Mayo!" Since they were both Harukh, the argument was about to have an area of effect if someone didn't act.

Wraithvine didn't like doing things like this, but... needs must. Ze rose from hir corner and gently grasped each contender's large, green, muscular hands in one of hirs. "Gentlebeings... Seek ye true understanding."

The magic flowed over both Orcs, briefly manifesting as a glowing chain joining both Harukh wrists, and winding to both hearts and both heads. They loomed over Wraithvine, ancient enemies of Elvenkind now united against historical grudges. Wraithvine quickly put up a barrier between each of them. "Before we go any furthier, I should introduce myself. My name is Wraithvine."

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