Challenge #02708-G151: Bug of Contention

The two humans in this ship are really close. They will do nearly anything to save the other. On the other claw, they destroyed the training room arguing about whether a certain earth insect is a lighting bug or firefly. -- Anon Guest

The two Ships' Humans were out of breath, bruising, and one of them had a dark reddish-brown ichor leaking from their nose. They were also kept well out of each other's grip by the presence of Companion Jorx directly between them.

"I don't understand," said Duty Captain Vredd. "We were under the impression that you were a bonded pair."

"Oh yeah, we're still ride or die for each other," said Human Zo, who was the one leaking ichor. "Right, babe?"

"Yeah," said Human Stef. "Even though you're completely wrong about lightning bugs."

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