Challenge #02753-G196: To Win By Technicality

In arguments it’s okay to swear. Usually many times your words must be quick witted and sharp like a rapier, other times, you just need bash your enemies skulls in with the metaphorical folding chair to get you point across. -- Anon Guest

Arguments are peculiar things. Some people believe that the winner is the one who remains calm and logical and debates all relevant points with scientific sources, and the loser is the first one to drop a sample of foul language. This is, of course, the perspective of people with no skin in the game and nothing to lose.

Other, more rational people know that arguments come from places of passion on both sides, and accept a certain amount of foul language. It serves the purpose of emphasis, emotional venting, and filler words as the arguer figures out the next phrase to drop from their mouths. If you're articulate, they say, you're doing it wrong.

Then there's the Loudest Wins versus the Calm Rational Debater, which is always fun for the spectators. One keeps the words flowing, as many per minute as they can, at the most volume that they can, while the other keeps attempting to interject in a calm and rational voice. The louder one moves ahead, claiming that the quiet one is interrupting and starting their train of thought barrelling through again and again whilst also making a mockery of the quiet logician.

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