Taking My Time

We're back at Day Zero with two new cases and nothing in the news about who did so and why. Some Covid-Conspiracy nut in Victoria attempted to run the borders and got caught by law enforcement. I don't know if these two new cases came off the sick boat or came up by Karens doing their thing.

I haven't heard anything new about Muppet shenanigans apart from a continuing escalation of violence towards his electorate body and having to cancel the Repugnican convention. The very event that is supposed to culminate in his party supporting his second run as leader of the "free world".

They're looking at his backing via electronic means and I can feel the hacker hive mind salivating at the prospect. The Repugnicans are the perfect storm of technological incompetence and belief in magic that makes political revolutions so very, very easy.

It's just a matter of time before the entire lot of deliberately cruel and toxic yahoos are scratching their heads and wondering how they elected a cartoon frog or something to be their leader.

Kanye West has stepped down from his presidential run after causing just enough news about it to make sure nobody forgets who he is. This may or may not have an impact on the election. I can only hope it "steals votes" from the Repugnican side of things because that would about serve them right.

In literature news, I have once again been hit on the head by another story in which my bitter, cynical, untrusting Tiefling finds true love somehow and this one is messy as hell and I'm loving it. I've written it as "adoration at first sight" and it only goes downhill from there.

I'm trying to write a quick story, but my writing is slow. I'll get there. Step by wobbling step.