It's working...

Positive attitude works a little bit. I was able to focus on getting my shit done as planned. I ran out of energy to play, but I got all my nonse done. Huzzah.

I'm back down to the heavier end of 77 kilos, and lower than my previous low before this week's hike up to 78. So now I have hope that I can do the thing and get back to my previous low of 72, and perhaps get to my goal of 70.

It sounds easy. Just drop 7 (and a bit) kilos. Everyone in the diet zone knows that the last ten kilos are the big battle. For me, it was the last two kilos.

We'll see how far I can get. Being on Keto has worked for me and combatting the extant humps has been a lot easier. All I have to do is figure out my energy levels and I should be cool.

"Should", as I frequently say, is not "is".

Knowing my track record, I'll find some other way of screwing up.

Today, I shall be doing the (currently) last instalment of Tropes Vs Autism, as well as all my other creative stuff. I need some luck to be able to get a dose of play.

The pork stew has been boxed up and secreted into several freezers. I'll be using that for the days I don't want to cook, but also need a warm comforting meal. Heaven knows the kids don't want to touch it.


It's gonna be a while before I cook anything because of this. Plus I need to think of some good foods that are lectin light because Beloved's latest diet craze.