Day four of pre-hydration

OK so yesterday, I didn't weigh myself and I had what some might call some bad choices for my meals.

Pre-hydration - drinking about half a litre of water before meals - seems to work its best when one can do so before every meal.

I skipped out on lunch's water, yesterday, and it kinda shows.

I'm back up above the 95 kilo mark. BUT, I'm not back up to my previous level of stagnation, so that has to be something. I hope. That, and Mac and cheese after a fast-food burger lunch is probably not the best idea.

I need to teach Beloved how to cook some healthier noms. Their idea of a good meal is carbs and cheese with the occasional bit of flavour thrown in. Very bad for you.

Heck, I had to tell them why white bread is bad for a body. It's all fast carbs and no nutritional value. We should be eating wholemeal multigrain bread, it being the best source of grains, but I'm of the opinion that wholegrain tastes like cardboard. Multigrain is almost as good, so I tend to stick there.

As time goes by, dieticians are realising that the "cheaper and nastier" breads of yore are better for us than the pristine and pretty white breads. Which is why I reckon a person might be better off eating some variety of horsebread, over in Iris and Peter.

Think about it. You not only have the wholemeal and the multigrains, there's also at least oats, peas and carrot in there as well. It's almost an entire meal by itself. Which is what bread used to be, back when it was invented. But, for a very weird reason, humanity liked the look of the white bread better. So that became the 'higher class' of bread, despite how nasty it is for us.

The reason why white bread is prized? It used to take a lot more effort to produce the white flour. It used to be expensive. And, by extension, luxurious. It's since gone from a luxury to just about everywhere, so we can give up on it being ideal by now.

Wow. I just went on a whole rant about bread. A sure and certain sign that I might need to calm down.

Breakfast first though.