[Gif: Mushu rises from the clouds of smoke in a small fountain of sparks]

As you may have guessed, the site's back up. We've paid our internet ransom to the great IP host in the cloud.

This site is safe. The stories continueth.

I have figured out that if I write a thousand words per diem on Wednesday and Thursday on Game Nite Weeks, then I don't have to worry about my output on Game Nites.

That's the PLN for today, and it was the PLN yesterday.

We have a feast planned for tonight, so I'm sticking to light intake, if I have any intake at all during the day. It's how I attempt to keep my weight down despite engulfing howevermany thousand calories at the restaurant on feast days.

...it doesn't work that great, to be honest.

At least I can say I'm making an effort. Right?

Onwards to today's effort.