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Challenge #01509-D048: The Fundraising Franger

This is an Aussie thing, you go to vote locally, and outside will be a barbecue set up selling snags (sausages), wrapped round with a slice of bread, onions and sauce, plus soft drinks. Fundraisers for good causes. No politics, just, "tomato or barbecue, Mate?" Those of us who are on diets or vegans usually donate the price of a 'snag'. -- Anon Guest

First, they came for the cake stall, and Valerie didn't speak up because cake was a sometimes food, and there were far too many fat people coming to the polls. Including herself. She did not want the extra temptation of patriotic lamingtons to fund the school library or whatever.

Next, they came for the markets, and Valerie didn't speak up because it was all people selling each other their household junk for a spare dollar. It was despicable and unclean. She could never be certain how much that anything sold there was broken or otherwise faulty.

Then they came for the raffles, and Valerie didn't speak up because raffles were yet another form of gambling. Everyone knew that gambling was a drain on household budgets across the nation. Besides, the meat tray or gift basket was never worth it.

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