I got this

Okay. So we're agreed that I need more fats. We also know that fat from a dead pig is something I can actually eat and digest without any kind of trouble.

You know, aside from absolute fucktons of cheese, cream, and mascarpone. Which I can't eat a lot of anyway.

So I have to keep an eye out for fatty hunks of dead pig. Despite my ethical quandary about consuming dead pig. And my Beloved is also doing the same.

But I have plns, all the same. Try to keep the costs down regardless. And chip my Beloved when they up and decide to spend huge amounts of money on frivolities.

And we also need a new dishwasher because this is the umpty-billionth error message we've got from this thing in regards to water errors. A perma-fix involves way too much jiggery-pokery for us, so... we're going to be down some three to four figures and fuck that for a joke, because also need some decent firkin air con.


But at least I have meals sorted.