You know what?

(Chicken butt)

Nah, but seriously. I think I'm going to keep monitoring my intake 'cause it seems to be working for me. Perhaps there's a psychological thing that triggers my brain into shifting the fat out or whatever, and just monitoring seems to work for some reason.

For example: The previously-mentioned glut of sugar and subsequent weight loss. See also the unaltered diet for the first few days with the altered weight loss.

I was good, yesterday. Deliberately choosing food options that kept me under calories as well as under macros. These food choices included some "Halo Top" salted caramel ice cream. And by "some", I mean the entire firkin tub.

I lost 0.3 Kilos instead of the usual 0.5 when I over-calorie and under-macro. Whatever. I'm taking that win.

This weekend, though, I am not indulging in any carbage that my Beloved brings home. Just. Not doing it. No matter how tempting the sugary treats, I am staying on the wagon. End of.

Even if I have to lock myself away in a fortress of solitude and yell at anyone who brings me carbage. I'm doing it. I'm determined to get down to my scientifically-approved weight and firkin stay there.

So ner.