Struggle to juggle

I think I should probably try to do a "head space" comic per day. As well as the other stuff. I've learned I can only handle animation in small doses, so maybe five frames a go is my limit. And I still haven't posted the progress pix for the latest art piece I'm working on.

I know that it looks like a bag of suck at the moment, which is why I haven't posted it.

Bag of suck or not, I feel like I owe my viewers my art progress. And I know it's a bag of suck, but I will be improving on it. The improvement is the key.

There's loads of artists on Tumblr who seem to produce DaVinci-grade quality on a daily basis without giving it much thought. I am most definitely not that good. But I could plausibly show other budding artists out there that art is a process. You can start with suck and improve on that until there's something you're comfortable with.

I'm also going to be showing them that there's nothing wrong with tracing if you need to do it. Just... credit where it's due if you're tracing someone else's shit.

With a side order of "Don't make my mistakes, kiddies!", belike.

I have to read through five more chapters, today. If I can keep going at this pace, I can have my book ready for my Betas by Monday. Which reminds me. I need to make a call for volunteers over at my site forum, because the best readers are the ones who want to do it.

I can't pay anything, mind. Because I haven't got the money. If you volunteer, you'll be helping out an Indie author become Actually Paid. And then I can give my next set of Betas some money. Assuming that I can actually, you know, sell a book.

High hopes. Low expectations. I feel like I'm hurting myself by doing that to me.

And, sometime in the middle of this muddle, I have to ready a packet to snailmail some samples off to the last A2B on my list. But, to be honest, that probably won't be happening until next week. There's life in the way before then. And I get trepidacious about mailing out anything physically. Because the postal system is still a sack of shit and, in order to get things there in one piece, I pretty much have to pay around $50 or more to get something to the US.

That sort of thing only pays off IF I get accepted and sell it.

So it's lost money when I get rejected.

You can see why I prefer electronic submissions over the postal ones. At least email and web forms are free.

But this might be a form of gauntlet. How much do I believe in my book? Well... I'm the only one who does.