Challenge #01533-D072: Sufficiently Confusing Circuitry

The Magic/More Magic switch. Details here. -- RecklessPrudence

Rael, fresh into independant JOATing, stared at the switch on the homebrew cabinet. A human had to have made this. The pencilled annotation on the toggle switch had two options. Magic and More Magic. Experimentally, he flipped the switch to More Magic and rebooted the kludge of a machine.

It worked perfectly.

Rael was not content to receive a handful of Seconds for this much work, and took the outer casing off to investigate its innards. His JOAT tutor and sponsor, Dodecahedron Smith[1], had told him of birds' nests and why disorganised wiring was a curse on any future repair artist. Calling this mess a 'birds nest' was an insult to birds. Similarly for rats' nests. Both animals were far more organised. This tangle had to be the result of a fibre-crafter with a talent for hoarding and a near-complete lack of organisational skills in regards to their stash[2].

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