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Challenge #03752-J099: Will and Testimony

A traveling apothecary who is an immensely skilled herbalist, sees Wraithvine, his apprentice, Gikka, and their cat. Knowing Wraithvine's good deeds, they offer an entire medical kit to Wraithvine as a gift, no strings attached. -- Anon Guest

The cart was pretty big, and the instant that Dulienna Pestlegrind started unfolding it, anyone could see why. Most of it was cupboards and containers and a multitude of folders that, in turn, contained small amounts of very potent ingredients.

"I've made a lifetime occupation of researching cures and herbs, even poisons. Even they can save a life in correct doses," she kept unfolding her wagon. "Very correct doses, I might add. Ah!" Finally reaching a draw inside the nesting maze of cupboards and containers, the Apothecary Pestlegrind brought out a hefty tome almost as big as she was. "A life's work."

Wraithvine was shocked to have that work pressed into hir hands. "Me? But..." ze flailed for an excuse. "I'm a Wizard."

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Challenge #03102-H194: If Knowledge is Power...

war, war never changes. But men do, through the roads they walk. -- Anon Guest

"Humans are trained to combat from an early age. It is considered a rite of passage that adults 'attack' their young as part of play activities. See file, Household Nerf Wars." Educator Mil read to the class. "This is an older entry on the infonets regarding Humans and Human development. My question to you is, how accurate or inaccurate is it, where is it inaccurate, and why

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Thursday, Day 0, I Have PLNs

Six new cases, totaling forty-one, thirty-five are in hospital and one is still in the ICU. So that means five people are chilling in their hotel rooms and awaiting freedom.

Beloved has received a pair of gloves they don't remember buying. Perhaps they are in lieu of the fun-sized chainsaw they ordered and still haven't received. That alone makes me less inclined to buy that fab lying-down desk I keep seeing whenever I browse Tumblr on my phone. But oh the temptation.

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Challenge #02956-H033: And That's When I Snapped

A: "How often are you supposed to sharpen knives? Because you're always sharpening a knife when I come into the kitchen..."

B: "But...they have chips in them?"

C: "Is B sharpening knives? Good!"

A: "Every DAY??"

B: "They're cheap. They keep chipping when they get used..."

C: "I USE them every day!" -- Anon Guest

Many things are not common knowledge. This is why so many "retirement restaurants" fail inside the first year. The idea has merit, and it seems easy,

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Challenge #02487-F297: It is What You Know

They were fascinated by everything, and were fluent in Spanish and French. Then they got a job as a 'Gopher' on a Film Set and found their calling. Knitnan

[AN: I am not fluent in either of those]

One thing about being a Gopher was that it was very good exercise. Tali quickly memorised the fastest ways to get between Point A - the sets - and any random Point B that the cast and crew needed something from. Then there was

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Challenge #01765-D304: A Lesson in There

Her awareness, for what was but a span of seconds at most to the outside world, now went beyond the borders of space and time. In those moments, gazing at once upon all the possible outcomes of the human race, she came to the realization of mankind's lethal flaw:

Not violence or hate as one might expect, but the deeper instigators behind those - Envy, Pride, and, surprisingly, Impatience.

As advanced and progressive as the human mind was on an individual or

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