Challenge #03102-H194: If Knowledge is Power...

war, war never changes. But men do, through the roads they walk. -- Anon Guest

"Humans are trained to combat from an early age. It is considered a rite of passage that adults 'attack' their young as part of play activities. See file, Household Nerf Wars." Educator Mil read to the class. "This is an older entry on the infonets regarding Humans and Human development. My question to you is, how accurate or inaccurate is it, where is it inaccurate, and why?"

The assembled class murmured amongst themselves for minutes before one stood to announce, "The statement is inaccurate in that it leaves certain truths unsaid. It does not define 'nerf' nor does it state that said parentals do no lasting harm to their young."

A second student stood. "Further to the unsaid truth, the footage is marked unsuitable for level three Havenworlders and above. It could mislead more fragile cogniscents regarding the hazardous nature of Humankind." They looked to their friends for encouragement. "It's many such errata that has caused vast and unnecessary prejudice against Humans for centuries, even after the acceptance of Human colonies in the Alliance. It remains a consistent problem. My return question is - how do we remedy it?"

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